kind words

"Jessica is a truly gifted photographer. Her portraits, her people shots, her interior pics and many more bring subjects to life in beautiful and unique ways. Jessica is at the top of my list for every photography need, professional and personal. She combines her photograph arts with a fun, relaxed vibe during shoots, super responsiveness, and an excellent customer experience. I can't recommend Jessica highly enough!" 

- Caroline L.

portrait & event client

"If a picture is worth a thousand words, Jessica is a masterful wordsmith.... Jessica has an amazing ability to put her subjects at ease, capture moments and document important milestone events. When it was time for my professional portraits, there was on one else I would have worked with. Jessica's headshots were anything but run of the mill. I loved what I saw when she sent the shots to me and I felt like she really captured me in the way I wanted to present myself. On top of it all, Jess is a really lovely person who brings fun and joy to her craft. She is amazing to work with and I can't wait to hire her and refer her at my next opportunity."

- Barbara P.

portrait & event client

"Jessica is absolutely fantastic. I am also a professional photographer, so I would only pick the best person to do the job, and she is the best of the best. She is kind, laid-back, and gives gentle direction while letting us be ourselves. She delivers the images from her shoots quickly, and they are gorgeous every time. Her shots have a spontaneous feel and her timing is impeccable. You can't go wrong with Jessica."

-Lacey W.

portrait client

"Jessica came to our studio and shot our fun and eclectic group as well as doing portraits for my boss. She was beautifully professional but made it very easy on all of us, even though we are used to being behind the scenes. I felt she really caught our group. And the portraits of [our company's head] captured her perfectly. We will certainly work with her again!" and... "We hired Jessica again to get behind the scenes and detail on a very important project for the company and she was stellar once more. Her creativity, professionalism, and consistency are so appreciated! We recommend her always and can't wait until the next project, whatever it may be! One of the photos from this shoot is our Christmas card!"

-Kari L.

portrait & event client

"This was my second experience working with Jessica, and she is amazing. She is excellent in her craft and very professional. She is approachable, friendly and a very good listener. She makes you feel at ease in front of the camera, and is able to capture the right images. A 'no stress' experience with great results. Also really liked the make-up artist she recommended. I would highly recommend Jessica!"

-Maria K.

portrait client

"I have worked with Jessica Sterling many times! She is very professional and her work is top notch! I keep running into her at events and people just love her! I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a photographer for any corporate, private, or special events!"

-Joel W.

fellow event vendor

"Jessica is a very professional photographer and has shot a ton of projects for my company - from product shots, parties, exec portraits, etc - and her work is always A+. Highly reccomend her, you will be happy with her work!"

-Devin A.

portrait, product & event client

"Jessica Sterling is wonderful! Quite simply, she made us look good. I hired Jessica... at the recommendation of the [venue]. I was delighted with the process and the product. Jessica is a true professional. With excellent communication and flexibility, she asked all the right questions, listened, and gave helpful hints. On the evening of the party, she guided us tactfully and easily (not ordering us!) from one shot to the next. Her warm, lovely manner made everyone smile.... Jessica's likeability and casual confidence are contagious. Our guests commented, "Your photographer is really nice" - an understatement! She asked me several times if there were any other shots we wanted; I never had to look for her or request anything. The results are phenomenal!... I highly recommend her for any occasion."

-Maria M.

event client

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